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I have 3 Christmas Stories out this year. Titles include  The Greatest Gift , Jenny's Christmas Miracle, and my personal favorite Getting Coal for Christmas (A Love Story). I am in the process of working on more wonderful Christmas stories that bring the Hope and True Joy back to Christmas.  All books can be found at Amazon for our shop has had some technical difficulties. Links are attached below! Happy reading!!

- Briand 

Nativity Scene

Get to know my Christmas Stories 

“I laughed, I shed some tears, but most of all your delightful stories reminded me again why Christmas is such a special and wonderful time! Thank you so much!”

– Maggie

The Greatest Gift

By Briand Wade 

Many wonderful Christmas stories have warmed our hearts from year to year. Filled with hope, love and joy, these stories seek to remind us that Christmas isn't to be a celebration of material wealth, but to be a reminder of the greatest Gift that each of us has ever received. Christmas is about the Gift of our Salvation, through a small child, born into poverty, with no home, rags for clothes, and no bed to call his own. The story of The Greatest Gift, seeks to remind us once again, that it is not what we have on Christmas Day that makes the celebration of Christmas so special. Rather, it is who we are Blessed to share the birth of our Savior with, which makes all the difference, as we journey to a Heaven, the likes of which our eyes have never seen, nor our ears have ever heard.

Getting Coal for Christmas

-A Love Story-

By Briand Wade 

Why would eight year old Maria want coal for Christmas? At Christmas time, isn’t coal only given to girls and boys who were not nice? The experience of Christmas is a love story that spans time, memories, and generations in “Getting Coal For Christmas.” Even in the misery and anguish of war, Christmas can still radiate from the hearts of those who choose to believe, who choose light over darkness, and who hold onto the promises of hope that is Christmas; a special time when ordinary gifts, given with great love, can transform terrible circumstances into extraordinary possibilities. Read this heartwarming Christmas story, and like Maria, you too will want receive a gift of “coal” and all that it represents, under your tree this Christmas!

Jenny's Christmas Miracle

By Briand Wade 

Meet Jenny Miller and her incredible Christmas miracle. Jenny is a faith filled, enthusiastic, and energetic young girl, who has a talent for surprises. Even in hard times, Jenny knows Christmas is a time of hope and joy. Jenny’s Christmas Miracle is a story of the enduring hope and eternal optimism in the promise of Christmas. A promise that “lives” in each of us as we touch the lives of others, embracing the true meaning and celebration of a Child born unto us. As Jenny knows Christmas is a time of miracles!

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