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To my family and friends:

As some of you know I have been telling and writing various short stories over the last 15 years to entertain my own children. I have shared some of these stories with my extended family from time to time. Every time I share some new story, somebody always tells me “you should publish this for other people to read”.

Fortunately for me the Lord is very patient, I’ve been hearing those words for over 10 years. Well now on the Feast day of Our Blessed Mother known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, I have published some of my stories. Check out my new web site where the stories are available for sale as well as on Amazon.

I have started with two of my girl’s favorite Christmas stories: Jenny’s Christmas Miracle- Hope This Christmas, The Greatest Gift .....and my personal favorite Getting Coal For Christmas - A Love Story.

The name of the website is Stories are Prayers in Color, the site location is at feel free to click on it and I would enjoy knowing what you think (or search “stories are prayers in color” – need to use the quotes “” to get it on google).

I appreciate your support and would love if you would purchase the stories. Please pass this on to your family and friends as the best marketing for a new business is word of mouth. I have deliberately put the price down as low as possible so that people can enjoy reading a fun faith-based story with their family without breaking the bank (I believe Amazon has it priced as $2.99 for the e-book and 5.99 for the paperbacks).

I consider these stories Gifts from the Lord, which were meant to be shared. The e-book is available immediately for purchase today. The paperback version of both books will be available next week. The books are marketed exclusively through Amazon only at this time. If you enjoy the stories feel free to forward the site and recommend the stories to others. Also look for and like Stories are Prayers in Color Publishing on Facebook

I would like to wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas, as Jenny says “Christmas is a time for Miracles”. Please pray for the success of these loving family stories.

May you and your family be richly Blessed!


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